About us

About AdzVillage Marketing Magazine

AdzVillage Marketing is a digital online marketing magazine that provides its members & partners the opportunity to connect, share and advertise products and services through our modern interactive advertising strategies.

It is a magazine which features local business promoting products and services in a socially and interactive fashion.

AdzVillage ® is registered in St Vincent & the Grenadines and is managed by Vincentians. 

“We are pleased to be the first and only membership driven platform that offers our members the privilege of connecting with businesses through digital advertisement”

BASIC membership is 100% FREE!

Win FREE Products & Services from our partners weekly.

Business partner $0/$25!

  • Advertise in our digital magazine & promote products or services.
  • Radio Lets our listeners learn about your products & services on our online radio with our interactive programs.
  • Social Media-We share your ads to all our social media pages. (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/ TikTok/ WhatsApp Statuses/ YouTube etc.
  • TV-AdzTv-Members watch your video ads for Points.

Your business is now part of a growing community through our global marketing strategy. Our model is unique and different!

Choose AdzVillage Marketing where we share your business with the world!!!