How does AdzSVG work?

AdzSVG is an online social advertising platform which seeks to connect local businesses to its customers through our interactive membership system.

Who are partners and how does it work?

Partners are advertisers who pay a monthly subscription to our company for advertising services offered.

How does the Classifed ad work?

The Classified ads group is the activity area of the website where our members and partners can post pictures, videos and other ads for interactions such as liking and sharing.

How to become a member of AdzSVG?

Becoming a member is easy. Sign up using our register feature only takes 2 minutes..

What are Loyalty points and how are they earned?

AdzSVG has created its own points system where each member earn coins(Points) for several website interactions. Interactions vary from daily login to inviting a friend to join. These give varied coins to our members.

How to earn Loyalty Points
  1. Daily login-1 point
  2. Becoming a member-5 points
  3. Connect with friends-2 points(5 friends per day)
  4. Coupon code-5-25 points per code
  5. Viewing pages and post-1 point
  6. Watching video ads-5 points