SVG Classifieds Roll out

Today November 1st 2023 is a significant day for the management and owner of AdzVillage Marketing which rolled out a new feature dubbed SVG Classifieds.

SVG Classifieds is poised to be the main web-platform on St.Vincent and the Grenadines which caters for the young and old who will be looking for all sorts of information about local businesses.

It transforms the way we knew classified ads in the past to a more digital and user friendly mode.

Users of our platform can interact with the ads of the partners and game rewards for doing so says founder-Mr.Sean Samuel

Samuel who has been seeing his work evolving over the past years is pleased with what has transpired and what technology has done to classifieds in general.

This project promises to give its users the chance to do more major plans to have as many businesses on board that’s why are offering a FREE model so those who might be skeptical can still get a chance to be part of this business venture.

Some of the major features are 1. Classifieds, 2. Social Community, 3. Audio classifieds, 4. Business groups, Giveaways and more to come.

Classified ads as we are all familiar with, gives a good search for Jobs, events, sale, realestate and the list goes on.

Our social community which is free to the public just like Facebook and the other social networks allows any business to share pictures and videos of their products or services in various group categories.

A new and innovative feature is our Audio Classifieds. This allow our partners to list in details the services or products they have to offer in audio format and can be longer than the regular 30 sec ads in an infomercial style.

The listeners can hear in details all the necessary things needed before they can make a purchase.

SVG Classifieds has a great way of interacting and drawing persons to its website and it is through our weekly and monthly GIVEAWAYS!

This is our unique sweet spot which gives participants the opportunity to earn entries for interacting with the ads provided.

Take a look by clicking on the web link here or