Windward Ferries will be connecting the Island Nations

Windward Ferries will be connecting the Island Nations of the Southern Windward Islands in the Caribbean.

It will be possible to travel by Sea between the islands or take a Round Trip.

A bit slower than by air, But City Centre to City Centre. You will not be confined to a chair. You can stroll around, enjoy the scenery leaving, arriving and along the coasts.

There will be Duty Free Shopping, Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub and even a small casino.

Do you know the Distances (in Nautical Miles) by Sea between the ports?

Trinidad to Grenada, Port of Spain – St. George’s 97 nm – an overnight trip.

Trinidad to St, Vincent, Port of Spain – Kingstown 172 nm – an overnight trip.

St. Vincent to Barbados, Kingstown – Bridgetown 98 nm – a daytime trip.

Barbados to St. Lucia, Bridgetown – Castries 113 nm – an overnight trip.

We will “BRIDGE the GAP”.

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